Baman Piderman Creators Explain Their Origin Story

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There’s a lot of mystery to why certain things work on YouTube and other things don’t. Why do celebrities fail so hard when cats do so well? Why do animated series like Baman Piderman not get more love from new media magazines? I can’t do shit for celebrities (though I have tried), but I can make sure amazing and avant garde series get more attention from the press.

Created by Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera, Baman Piderman is more than a parody of superheroes Batman and Spiderman … oh, so much more. But you shouldn’t just take NMR’s word for it, you should dive headfirst into this bizarre and fantastic series, produced by Mondo Media (makers of Happy Tree Friends, Dick Figures and a host of others).

Entering its long-awaited third and final season, Baman Piderman is just as strange as ever — even though with time and the advancement of Alex and Lindsay’s skills it has grown more coherent and … dare I say, logical in its insanity. Yeah, I can’t explain it either — like I said you just have to dive in and not drown. Somehow it’s easier than it looks. The first season is embedded below and further on in this interview with the two creators is the first episode of Season 3. You should probably just start at the first one and go from there. But fair warning: I don’t know if it will make any more sense.


How crazy is it that you are still doing this series all these years later?

Lindsay: It’s pretty wacky, but I love it. I’m really glad to wrap it up in a satisfying way. It’s a very personal, well-loved project for us.
Alex: It’s really interesting to watch the evolution of the show over the last five years, haha.

How did the idea of Baman Piderman come about in the first place? Was it drugs?

Lindsay: I worked in a comic shop for about six years, and Alex and I used to draw silly superhero stuff in a co-sketch book.
Alex: It was directly inspired from a college assignment to use two characters you’d already drawn, so I just pulled them out of that book.

Between the two of you, who’s the weirder one?

Living in mutually satisfying weirdness.

Tell me you have some dirt on those lunatics over at Mondo Media … how the hell are they still in business?

Lindsay: I think John Evershed and Aaron Simpson are actually wizards from an ancient time. I saw them with runes one time. Or like maybe it was just potato chips, I dunno.
Alex: I think April Pesa is pulling all the strings.
Lindsay: She’s the mastermind. With niceness. I KNOW ABOUT THE RUNES.

Where can we expect Baman Piderman to head this season?

Lindsay: We’re hoping people will be satisfied by the final conclusion; it wraps up a lot of loose ends. We’ve got some romance, some mystery, a red plant monster in a cocoon who may or may not emerge. The usual stuff.
Alex: I find out after she writes it.
Lindsay: I gave him some info.
Alex: Some.
Lindsay: Some.

Why have the series steadily been increasing in length?

Lindsay: With the continuity expanding over the last twenty episodes and change, it was important to be able to grow it organically in order to keep it going. When I started writing the show, I wanted to try and do something unique with it, in sort of creating a self sustaining world that builds itself before your eyes. I wanted the viewer to feel really involved with the overall mythos and story lines, which sounds strange to say about a show that begins about two dudes who hang out with a literal pumpkin. I think it’s unique in its strangeness, yet somehow it has context.

Alex: When you’re creating for the internet, you don’t have to stick to some pre-determined length based around commercials, you can let the art be as long as it needs to be. The episodes get longer (or shorter) because that’s how long it takes to say what we’re trying to say. It’s great to have that kind of freedom.

Lindsay: It’s the same too planning out how many episodes will be in a season. Honestly if we feel the amount from the Kickstarter is not enough to tell the story the way we want to, we’ll just add another ep. We’re kind of workaholics, but most art people are.

Who is the absolute best superhero and why?

Alex: Gokai Silver

Lindsay: Atomic Robo. Pick it up at your LCS.


So, make what you will of that. I’m not sure if I am happy or sad that they are pretty normal folks and not some escapees from an insane asylum that were answering these questions from INSIDE MY HOUSE THE WHOLE TIME! But, in the long run … it’s probably better that they aren’t.

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