Behold, The Most Essential Twitter Account Of Our Time

If you feel like you’re spending too much time on YouTube trust me, I can relate. The problem with our wide world of video wonderment is that it’s frankly just way too time consuming. Sometimes you just need to turn off your computer and go outside. (Outside, for those of you who’ve forgotten, is the place with the sun and the trees and the limited WiFi access.) The problem is that you can’t always do that and still keep track of your favorite YouTubers. So it’s a choice. Connor Franta or fresh air? Tyler Oakley or Taco Bell? Fortunately, one Twitter user has the answer.


YouTuber Updates (@ytuberupdates) provides pithy, single sentence summaries of what’s happening in all of your faves’ most recent videos so you can be up to speed even if you’re not up to speed, if you catch my drift. The tweets are the world of Ryan Curran, a 16 year old YouTuber and YouTube enthusiast who has amassed 45,000 followers with his quick, context free dispatches from YouTube occupied territory. Along the way he’s picked up a boat load of high profile followers including Glozell, Shane Dawson, Kingsley, and frequent subjects Andrea Russett, Lohanthony, and the boys of O2L.


The updates run from the factual “Alfie got an iPhone 6,” “Kian Lawley found his fanny pack” to the fanciful “Tyler Oakley wants to eat Caspar Lee’s skin.” At least we hope that last one is fanciful. Ryan is also a YouTuber in his own right, although his channel has taken a back seat now that his Twitter side project has picked up steam. If you’re a YouTube fanatic you might want to throw him a follow so you can finally close your laptop for a second… as long as you have your smartphone handy.

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