Binge On Frankenstein, MD Before You Binge On Candy


When Frankenstein, MD premiered back in August we made a mental note that it would be ideal viewing material for Halloween. That’s why it’s too perfect that the series is wrapping up its season today with a suitably chilling episode. Frankenstein is the latest from Pemberley Digital, the studio that brought is The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved. The series and was brought to life by PBS Digital Studios, the first attempt at an original web series from the digital wing of the public television network.



Like its predecessors, Franksentein, MD is a modern retelling of a classic story: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Young and ambitious Victoria Frankenstein is a medical student eager to wield power of life and death. Like her inspiration, the literary Dr. Frankenstein, she meddles with nature and then must face the consequences.

Frankenstein, MD is also a transmedia project meaning that there’s tons of bonus material online to fill in the blanks and help you get immersed in Victoria’s world. We recommend starting on the show’s website, where you can find all the episodes along with Victoria’s blog where she expands on the events that happen onscreen and provides details about what’s going on off camera.

The finale airs today, but if you need to do some catching up you should just about have time to binge all 24 episodes before it’s time to head out tonight and binge on candy.


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