BlackBoxTV Will Live Stream The Dead In YouTube Séance


We all know that the YouTube Space LA is an unusual place. It was originally a hangar belonging to American aviator, millionaire recluse, and general historical weirdo Howard Hughes. It’s where Hughes once stored his famous passion project The Spruce Goose, the largest airplane ever constructed. Later YouTube came along and flooded the place with a bunch of crazy video kids to create the YouTube Space we all know and love. Still, it stands to reason that such a storied space might still have some lingering spirits and that’s just what BlackBoxTV is planning to investigate tonight with a live séance.



The masters of YouTube horror have teamed up with Legendary Entertainment and the fine folks at the YouTube Space LA to conduct a thorough spiritual examination of the space. The whole event will be live streamed or rather “dead streamed” on the BlackBoxTV YouTube channel starting tonight at 8pm PST (that’s 11pm for people living on the correct coast). Medium Justine XX will channel the great beyond straight from the spooky set of YouTube and Legendary Entertainment’s House of Horrors and fans are invited to tune in and watch.

We’re 98% sure that evil spirits can’t be transmitted via wifi but you may want to take some precautions anyway. Make sure to sprinkle your laptop with some holy water and load up a crucifix app on your smartphone before you tune in.


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