Boo! 6 Subreddits To Get You Ready For r/Halloween

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Halloween is on a Friday this year, which is great because we don’t have to do that awkward thing where everybody goes out in costume on like Nov. 3 because it’s the closest weekend. Nope, this year I’ll be ducking trick-or-treaters not because I’m sitting in my house with the lights off, but because I’ll be sitting in a bar, drunk and dressed as the Ghost of Halloween Present … meaning that I’ll probably be dressed as a skanky cat, meow.

But Halloween doesn’t just come once a year on Reddit — no, for some subreddits, horror and costumes are a 365-days-a-year thing. And since we don’t mention Reddit enough (or maybe we mention it too much?) we thought we’d bring you up to full tilt boogie on what the evil empire does with the best holiday of the year. Here are the six spookiest and best subreddits for full-time Halloween.


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Yup, there’s nothing like being right on the nose with things. This sub is dedicated to people showing off costumes they intend to make, have made or wish they could make. Also, just straight Halloween chatter, such as reminding people that Halloween is 23 days away … 22 days away … 21 days away. Yes, yes, we get it.


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For some people, dressing up once a year just isn’t enough — they want the world to be a bit more magical … okay, hell, they’d be happy if the world was even a little bit magical. And so there is r/cosplay, the year round tradition of “becoming” your favorite character from any aspect of life or pop culture. Why you could even cosplay as “the embodiment of Halloween.” Or a jar of mustard.


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It’s like “they” say: everybody deserves a good scare on Halloween. Some of the best scares come from spooky stories — and as far as the best spooky stories go, r/creepypasta is your hub. Sure there are some redundancies — apparently Shakespeare was right when he claimed there were only seven stories to tell … but man, there are some dark people hanging out, contributing year-round on this subreddit. I’ll also throw out an honorable mention to r/nosleep here.


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Need to know what scary movies to watch on Netflix this October? How about any and all news of horror conventions, fan-made horror art or just disturbing things from the world of horror culture? Your subreddit is r/horror, my friend.


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Your one-stop-shop for all things haunted insane asylum pics, abandoned amusement parks, disturbing imagery and pics of wall stains that might look like ghosts. Creepy is one of those sites you’re better off not visiting alone at night — even if it’s a pleasant evening in July. Halloweentime definitely brings out the best in this subreddit though.


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Absolutely the best subreddit for the non-stop year-round horrors of life. Be it creepy drawings of dead people or real pictures of dead people, this subreddit combines the worst of r/WTF, r/picsofdeadkids and r/nosleep into one place. Just look at the subreddit’s header (above) — that should give you some context of what you’re in for.

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