Break Your No-Carb Diet With Some Halloween Creepypasta

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A surgeon, just off of a late shift in the OR, boards an elevator heading down. He meets a stranger, they exchange pleasantries but suddenly he realizes that something is terribly wrong when he spots a telltale red wrist band. If this set-up sounds familiar it’s probably because it has all the hallmarks of a Creepypasta, the darkest of internet urban legends. Creepypasta stories that have been posted and modified and shared until they’re so deeply embedded in the digital hive mind that it’s nearly impossible to tell where fact and fiction part ways. Maybe there was no fact at all, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Just in time for Halloween, Jessica Lizama is channeling a bit of Elvira by way of the Crypt Keeper. She, along with friends Dave Days, Ethan Newberry, Trisha Hershberger, and Joe Nation have brought some of these spine tingling stories to life.  The Tale of the Red Wristbands is a Creepypasta classic and we are living for it in this new vid. If you’ve been looking for the perfect video to kick off your Halloweek then look no further because we’ve got it for you right here.  If you’re feeling extra brave then turn off the lights and press play. You won’t be sorry…or maybe you will.

As if small spaces and muzak weren’t enough to make me totally terrified of elevators… I think I’ll be taking the stairs for a while. I could use the cardio anyway.

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