UPDATED: Jerome Jarre Arrested For Vlogging On Flight?

Updated 1:30 pm PST: We’ve been wondering for what all the fuss was about and now we finally have an answer. Jerome just uploaded a video of the stunt the nearly got him arrested on that American Airlines flight. It looks pretty harmless but apparently the flight crew didn’t agree. As they say, all’s well that ends well.



UPDATE 8:05pm PST: Looks like Jerome’s been let go! Apparently hashtags can get you out of trouble! No word on what exactly happened, but we’re sure Jerome’s going to be vlogging/Vining about it soon.

He was set to get on a flight to Brazil, which he more than likely missed. But hey, better than jail, right?

From Casey Neistat, whose Google Glass video we just reported on:


So, this, uh, just happened — Jerome Jarre, whose Vine touts 7.5 million followers, appears to have annoyed someone on the flight crew of an American Airlines flight enough to have the police show up when he lands, which just happened (the landing, that is; the arrest is still unconfirmed).




Then American Airlines’ Twitter popped in here, but no response to it:

So, uh… we’ll keep you posted? The Tweets seem pretty serious, but as with all things comedy and particularly with Vine, we’ll just keep you informed of what we’re seeing. I guess.

I suppose he’s at least had some practice with Vitaly’s prank almost a full year ago:

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