Brett Domino Knocks ‘Em Down

Brett Domino’s Weekly YouTube Thing is just about as vague and awkward as the title suggests. But as tends to be the case with YouTube, that’s what makes it great!

The show includes segments such as “Fan Finder” (in which they hunt down their top fans), “Celebrity Face Time” (in which they get random celebrities on Skype and get them to answer amazingly mundane questions), and a lot of other random stuff. It’s honestly just like a 10ish minute variety show showcasing awkwardness. (I keep using the word awkward, but it is the most accurate description, I promise.) Running for only six episodes thus far, the series aired its finale today, featuring mystery! mayhem! and the reappearance of an old friend.

For those unfamiliar with Brett Domino’s YouTube channel, there are two aspects at play here. There’s Brett Domino himself (who may or may not be a comedian’s alter ego, we’ll leave that Googling magic up to you), and there’s the Brett Domino Trio, a twosome consisting of Domino and Steven Peavis. The Trio puts out a number of cover songs and some originals, mostly played on keyboard and other various electronic instruments. There used to be a third member (Mitch Hutchinson), but just because one member of a trio leaves doesn’t mean you have to stop referring to your group as a trio!

Beyond Brett Domino’s Weekly YouTube Thing, which we sincerely hope makes it back for a second season, here are some other things to check out on the channel:

An instructional video on how to create a pop song. Besides being humorous and leading up to a fantastic original song inspired by Jennifer Lawrence, it’s also an unnervingly accurate how-to.

A cover of the beloved Jurassic Park theme song, complete with new lyrics added by the Brett Domino Trio.

This short film explaining the history of the stylophone.

This painful yet somehow impressive cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”

An appearance on Britain’s Got Talent! With an actual trio!

This original song criticizing and poking fun at “TV Nutritionist” Gillian McKeith’s stint on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Would you watch a Season 2? Who is your dream third member of the trio if they were to add someone new? Don’t forget to share!