Can We All Take A Moment To Appreciate ‘Munchies’?


I have to admit: I love food. Delicious, meat-filled, well-made food is my reason for getting up in the morning and enjoying life for all the things it has to offer, and I would like to take a moment to talk about the VICE-affiliated Munchies food channel.

Now Munchies has always felt to me like the black sheep of food. It’s the channel that has convict chefs show us their tricks for great prison food:

To the now defunct ‘Fresh Off the Boat with Eddie Huang‘ now known as ‘Huang’s World‘ (RIP: Great titles lost to network television):

It always seemed like the channel that presented the raw, everyday food culture that other channels gloss over with their perfect coiffed chefs and their million dollar smiles. Not to mention their recipes are goddamn delicious. Seriously, get a load of this perfect burger:

Say what you want, it may not be “perfect” but it’s damn good.

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