Catch Mitchell Davis’ Cameos In 14 New Short Films

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 5.29.23 PM

We told you it was going to happen and now it has!

New Form Digital, a project incubator (ooh, how Silicon Valley) granted fourteen filmmakers and YouTube stars and Joey Graceffa funds to create short projects built around the theme of “curiosity.” And now those projects are all a reality. Even more impressive: none of the creators just took the money and ran off to Hawaii!

Oh, and there was just one other requirement from the incubation company backed by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard: each of the shorts had to have a cameo by YouTuber Mitchell Davis in them. Yeah, the LiveLavaLive guy — he didn’t die, he was just off of YouTube working on a dream project … or 14 of them, really.

NMR is totally covering all of the projects in all their awesomeness over the coming days, but to psyche you up, here’s Mitchell’s own explanation of his involvement. And if any of them do well, there’s a good possibility that they get continued as a series. What does that mean for Mitchell? Who knows?!

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