Celebrate National Cat Day With These Cat Videos!


Happy National Cat Day!

Now, any cat owner (or friend-of-cat-owner-who-has-to-catsit-often, as the case may be) knows that basically every day is Cat Day. The cats wouldn’t allow it to be any other way. We humans are merely on this planet to provide them with easy access to food and some gentle petting — no! not too much! — particularly when we have other things to be doing. Unless they’re mad at you and want to give you the cold shoulder. But even then it’s still their day because they’re controlling you by ignoring you. Basically, cats rule everything and nobody else has any say in it. But we all know that.

The tiniest bit of an upper hand humans have ever gotten has been in the form of recording cats doing weird shit and posting it on YouTube. But whether that’s revenge or proof that cats are gradually taking control of our media outlets is up for interpretation. Either way, to celebrate the terrifying — I mean, wonderful and incomparable —  feline pets, here are some of those videos!

This precious freaked out kitty seemingly crying “no no no!” over and over again is oddly hypnotizing.

What makes movies better? Umm, being re-enacted with kittents, duh. This cat-tastic version of Captain America: The First Avenger is not only topical, but really freakin’ cute.

The emphasis in this cat massage “how-to” video isn’t so much on the cat as it is on this crazy cat lady, but it’s still worth a watch. Mostly because, what the f**k?

This cat lurves this vacuum cleaner. I don’t think he understands the proper usage for it, but that’s okay because d’aww, it’s adorable.

Cat owners will relate to this felinized (that’s a word, right?) version of “Problems” all too well.

Even kitties have to get in on the “Turn Down for What” craze.

This is a weird one. The Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much, aka Pat the Cat. This is a completely serious tool used in schools to teach teenagers the dangers of substance abuse. I would know, because we had to watch it in psychology in 12th grade and once you watch it, it never, ever leaves you.

You just gotta watch this one.

And if these videos weren’t enough for you, here is a TEN HOUR compilation of cat fails. Enjoy!

Aren’t these videos just purr-fectly adorable? (Come on, we couldn’t write a cat article without THAT pun, now could we?) Did we miss your favorite? Share it in the comments below, and then share the rest of these with your fellow cat aficionados!