Charlie McDonnell Explores Grief In His Latest Short Film


One of the best parts of being a professional YouTube watcher is having the chance to see YouTube creators you enjoy and admire evolve and grow. Charlie McDonnell is a mainstay of the YouTube community and for years his videos have struck the perfect balance of humor, insight, and sensitivity. That’s why we’re so excited for his most recent endeavor, a short film called Our Brother.

This isn’t Charlie’s first foray into filmmaking; it’s the fourth installment in a proposed quintet of short films he announced back in March of 2013. Already a practiced hand at comedy, McDonnell will tackle weightier themes of grief and loss through the eyes of a pair of siblings (Stephanie Lewis and James Walker-Black) pushed apart by their different approaches to mourning their late brother played by McDonnell.

The film will be released in two parts, each reflecting on a sibling’s perspective. The first part is set to drop October 29th. Until then you can check out the trailer below.



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