Chester See Cast In ‘Rock of Ages’ Musical

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.34.23 AM

Playing the role Tom Cruise did in the film, YouTube musician Chester See will now get to test the durability of his pipes on the live theater stage for the hit Broadway show “Rock of Ages.” The touring component of the show, which is stationed in L.A. from Oct. 27 through Jan. 4 will feature See as Stacee Jaxx, a legendary rocker with the gift of woo. Fortunately See has the requisite charisma for the part in spades — and clearly, the producers, who saw his YouTube channel and asked him to try out, a potentially valuable fan base to match.

“‘Rock of Ages’ has always led the charge of being innovative,” said Dennis Weaver, producer of the show, to ABC News. “Hopefully, it does open up a new world. This guy has 1.5 million fans who tune in and look at his content every single week. I find it hard to believe that a good portion of those people are not going to come buy tickets to the show.”

See, who recently won a Streamy for the song “Whistle While I Work It,” will be stationed at the Helen Hayes Theatre — and if the film is any indication, he will be shirtless much of the time. So fans, start pestering your parents about paying up your allowance now.

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