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Dan Howell goes by the YouTube handle Danisnotonfire, but we’re doing to have to disagree. When it comes to his online career Dan is most certainly on fire and getting hotter by the minute. With over 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and a recently renewed radio show on BBC Radio 1, Dan is burning up the charts and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Vital Stats:
Age: 23
Hometown: London
Subscribers: 4.1 Million
Where It All Started: Dan has been a vlogger since day one. His first video, “Hello Internet” was posted way back in October of 2009 when he was still a student. He’s got all the classic attributes of a British boy vlogger in 2009 from the self-effacing personality to the flawless fringe, but even then it was easy to tell he was bound for greatness.

Fun Fact: Dan’s first video title, “Hello Internet” would later become his familiar vlogging catchphrase.

What Does He Do: Dan is a master vlogger in the classic style. Most of his videos are bedroom vlogs in which he shares an embarrassing story or a personal rant. Fortunately Dan’s a hapless guy so it doesn’t seem like he’ll run out anytime soon. He also mixes things up with a bit of animation, the occasional travel blog, and loads of collabs and challenges to keep things fresh.

Who’s His Bestie: Well that would be his roommate, frequent collab partner, and radio co-host Phil Lester, better known as the equally beloved AmazingPhil. Dan and Phil are the bromance that launched a thousand fan fiction ships and with their natural on screen and on-air chemistry we can see why.

Must See Dan: Each and every one of Dan’s videos is a priceless addition to the YouTube treasure trove, but some are more precious than others. If you need an emergency dose of Dan, we recommend one of these classic hits.




Where Can You Get More Dan:

Instagram – DanIsNotOnFire

Twitter – DanIsNotOnFire

Tumblr – DanIsNotOnFire

Gaming Channel – DanAndPhilGames


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