Creepy Video Will Make You Want To Unfriend Facebook


Receiving a message on Facebook is scary enough when it’s from someone who’s alive. The site is a minefield of your past mistakes. At every turn you’re confronted with pictures of past embarrassments, messages from random acquaintances and exes. It’s enough to put your social anxiety in overdrive even before you add the endless Farmville invites. That’s why I’m not totally clear on why Jessica Lizama, Elliot Morgan, and Graham Kurtz felt the need to make it even scarier by adapting this classic Creepypasta about Facebook messages from beyond the grave, but it was definitely worth it.

We put so much of our lives on Facebook that when someone passes it can feel like a little piece of them is still there. This modern urban legend wonders what would happen if a little piece of the departed really did linger in the machine and what would happen if it tried to reach out to the living. Is Elliot Morgan unraveling the mystery of a late girlfriend’s mysteriously active Facebook account, or is he just straight-up unraveling? Click play to find out, but don’t blame me if you end up deleting your Facebook messenger app afterwards.



Maybe our parents were right. You really can’t trust anyone on the internet. Even yourself.


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