Cry Yourself To Sleep Because Of This Creepy Clown


Do we really need to make clowns scarier? Is that a thing that we honestly need to be doing on purpose?! Clowns are terrifying and also the worst even under optimal circumstances. I don’t mean to judge other people’s lifestyle choices but if you’re smearing your face in grease paint and dressing up in motley by choice I am 100% certain that you are up to no good. Still, I suppose I’ll have to forgive Jessica Lizama, Shanna Malcolm, and Sean Klitzner for this video. After all, they didn’t invent the urban legend of the clown statue, they just brought it to life and gave me a week’s worth of nightmare material.

It takes a lot to creep me out but this video gave me chills. Shanna Malcolm may be the queen of sass but I’m pretty sure that won’t save her from this red nosed nightmare. This new spin on a classic urban legend is just what you need to keep you awake from now until Halloween. Watch it with the lights off if you’re brave and with the lights on and some kind of weapon close at hand if you’re me.



If you were planning to hang out at home alone on Halloween I bet you’re reconsidering now. Get out there and party, you’ll probably be safer. Just avoid anyone with a big red smile and size 14 shoes.


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