President Obama Predicts Epic Social Media Apocalypse

dmnintLast week we brought you a report on YouTube’s attempt to convert our government officials into pro-YouTubers. Now we’ve found the perfect video to help us imagine what that might be like. What would the world look like if our politicians started using social media as much as the rest of us do? Would the president be a nerdfighter? Would Sarah Palin wile away her days leaving trolling in the comments section? Draw My News has the answer!

President Obama is easily the most social media savvy Commander-In-Chief- in history so it’s only right that he’s narrating this edition of Draw My News. In the video the prez paints, or rather draws, a perfect picture of what might be. Just imagine a world where an errant Joe Biden Snapchat could cause an international incident, the havoc that Bill Clinton could wreak on OKCupid! Check it out below.

When it comes to social media the olds are usually a hot mess but maybe with a little coaching they could master the difference Twitter and Tumblr. I personally vote yes on Barack’s vlogging channel idea. It sounds like a brilliant idea as long as he doesn’t confuse Call of Duty with calling in a drone strike on Gaming Friday.

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