Draw My News: Rick Grimes Battles Facebook Zombies

It’s time we admit that Facebook has fallen. The social network that once looked like a shining city on a hill, packed with clever college kids posting witty status updates and sloppy party pictures, has been infiltrated by an infection. A swarming tide of spinster aunts and weirdo cousins who are into conspiracy theories has overrun the streets of this once pristine world. Everywhere you turn there’s another member of the zombie horde spewing Farmville Invites and NRA propaganda on an unwilling victim. It’s time to flee before the infection claims us all.  Rumors speak of a new world, a safe zone free from the infected. They call it Ello, but the journey to reach it is dangerous. That’s why NMR has recruited Rick Grimes, the only man with the skills to get us there, for today’s Draw My News.

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