Ebola Joke On Flight Gets Man Taken Away By HazMat

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Imagine your plane suddenly being boarded by people in giant hazardous materials garb while the stewardess claims “it’s not as serious as it looks” over the intercom. You’d suddenly feel like you were in a Michael Crichton novel, right?

Now imagine the incident preceding that: a passenger on the plane with you sneezes loudly and says “Sorry, I have Ebola — I just got back from Africa.” Short of joking about a bomb, this is pretty much the worst thing you could make light of on an airline right now. So needless to say, when the man, on a U.S. Airways flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic, got escorted off the plane by aforementioned HazMat guys, he deserved what he got. Eventually it was determined that he indeed was not recently out of Africa, nor did he have Ebola.

But everyone had to wait for several hours on the plane until that was officially established.

We live in nervous times, people.

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