Ebola ‘Zombies’ Latest Hoax To Go Viral Online

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A bizarre ABC News video of a Liberian man thought to be dead of Ebola, only to be saved by an arm twitch has spurred the next YouTube pandemic: zombies.

Yup, zombies. One of the internet’s favorite talking points. Reports of people dying of Ebola and then rising several hours later have spread across the internet like, well, Ebola. A mass of YouTube videos have reported the news of the rising dead along with a picture of one of the victims — apparently an African man.

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Except, contrary to alarmist belief, the whole thing is a hoax. Well, that original news video isn’t, but everything else is apparently false. No reputable news outlets have reported on the latest outbreaks of “zombie people” supposedly also occurring in Liberia’s Nimba County. Two local news outlets “All African” and “The New Dawn” wrote up stories of the apparent zombies, but likely the tales have emerged from the hysteria surrounding the deadly virus that is plaguing numerous parts of the world — including a cameraman in Texas.

As for that viral picture? According to the Independent, it’s a photoshopped image from the film “World War Z.” So you can put down your katana blades and wood-cut Minecraft swords.

Sorry internet. Looks like you’ll just have to console yourselves with your cats and your bacon.

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