Elizabeth Banks Is on YouTube and It’s Aca-Awesome

I’ve been dying to do more “What If They Were YouTubers” articles, but one “what if” that surprisingly need not be wondered is Elizabeth Banks.

Then again, she pretty much already does everything else, so maybe this shouldn’t be surprising after all. In addition to being like, super skilled at acting and appearing in roughly 60,000+ films to date, she’s also making her feature film directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2 (sequel to one of the best movies to ever grace our humble planet, Pitch Perfect) this upcoming spring. Which is a big deal because she’s not only a first time director, but a lady director(!!) being given the reins to a film that has a lot of hopes and dreams (cough, mine) and money (admittedly not mine) riding on it. I could go on about this forever. It’s amazing. But I won’t. Right now.

Back to Elizabeth Banks: YouTuber! Okay, that doesn’t necessarily have the greatest ring to it. But it’s still an awesome fact. Let’s talk about it.

Banks’ social media game is pretty ace in terms of quality. Her tweets are funny, her videos are funny, she’s just a funny lady, alright? Do you not know this by now? But while she’s got over 1.5 million followers on Twitter, her YouTube channel is only kicking around at 14k subscribers at the moment. And trust, it deserves a lot more attention.

Banks has been posting videos for the last two years, but has seemed to find her groove recently with her “Really Important Questions with Elizabeth Banks” series in which she, true to the title, answers really important questions from fans. Her channel also features interviews with her Pitch Perfect and Hunger Games co-stars, and, reaching back in time, some odd several second long clips of her trainer doing exercises that will at the very least make you go “…huh.”

Now, this article would be incomplete without some actual videos and why we think you should watch them, so here. Take a look. Watch. WATCH. It’s Elizabeth Banks, geez, does this really require any convincing?

She straight up reads Effie quotes from The Hunger Games to us. If you stop and think about it for too long, it becomes a surreal meta situation that you can’t quite wrap your head around. And it’s awesome.

She’s happy to tell us some hard-hitting truths about Adam Scott.

Ah, the age old question of Pitch Perfect vs Battleship. Uh. Something like that. Regardless, now I want a crossover.

She’s got no problem entertaining the possibility of adopting fans. Kind of. Where do we sign up?

She understands the fierce range of emotions Hunger Games fans are subjected to.

She’s got classy, no-nonsense answers to complete nonsense questions.

Did we mention she interviews her Pitch Perfect co-stars? Because, yes. Just, yes.

IS IT MAY 15, 2015 YET? (Oh right, and share this with your friends!)

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