Elliott Morgan Joins Mental Floss, Has Much Going On!

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Remember when Elliott Morgan left Sourcefed and we were all like, “Oh no, he’s going to have to turn to streetwalking or robbing blind people to pay for his all-consuming opiate addiction!” Well, we weren’t exactly wrong; let NMR introduce you to “That gReat Show.”

Starring Elliott and his lovable sidekick (okay, they’re both main hosts I just like to saddle people with the title “sidekick” to assuage my own perceived inadequacies) Andrew Delman, the two have the treasured “chair and couch setup” for guest interviews. If they can ever successfully get a guest that is …

“That gReat Show” is a new show, early in its efforts, but you can see the fantastic camaraderie of Elliott and Andrew right from the get-go. If they would PLEASE release it more than once every two weeks, I would become a devoted follower of the pair.

Fortunately, to fill that “Elliott Morgan hole” in my life on the regular (minds out of the gutter, children), Elliott is now one of the Mental Floss crew. Doing video releases on Fridays while WheezyWaiter runs the Monday slot and John Green keeps his usual Wednesday show, Elliott’s topic this week is “Misconceptions.” As in, misconceptions about YouTube stars and their drug habits?

So this whole time, you’ve been worried what Elliott was going to do next and it turns out he’s moved on to some pretty impressive stuff and don’t forget he still has his “reg channel.” Well, if he ever does develop that all-consuming opiate addiction, at least we now know how he’s gonna pay for it. Make sure you tune in to both Mental Floss and That gReat Show — there’s gold in them thar hills.

And not to tease you too much, but what if I told you that Elliott MIGHT JUST BE POPPING UP IN AN NMR HALLOWEEN VIDEO SOON? I thought that might get your attention …

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