Evan Breen, The Vine Hero We Deserve


There are a few things I like about Evan Breen. Obviously the first and most important is that his name is Evan. That means that we are basically the internet equivalent of blood brothers, bonded until death by the fact that our parents had roughly similar ideas for what a good first name would be. Only slightly more important than the fact that we are name twins is the fact that Evan is a Vine comedy savant who is absolutely killing it with his six second clips. Here’s a few reasons that we can’t stop watching Evan Breen:

He never misses an opportunity for a good pop culture mashup. Drake meets Guy Fieri, Evan Breen makes a Vine, and the gears of pop culture keep on turning.
He shares our low-key obsession with Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and he’s not afraid to admit it in in a self-deprecating Vine.  
Sometimes he takes a break from making hilarious Vines to raise awareness about the dire state of public education in America.
He’s great at reaching out and making connections with top social media influencers. I’m sure Kendall Jenner couldn’t get to the phones fast enough to respond to this clip.  
He’s an animal lover and a responsible imaginary pet owner.
This very true statement about the year 2004.  
He has some relatable family issues.
Most importantly, he’s got his priorities straight.  
Evan is the Vine star we need and deserve and with 340,000 followers and over 300 million loops under his belt he’s already well on his way to joining the elite circles of Vine royalty. We definitely recommend that you check Evan out. He’s constantly updating. In fact, he added two new Vines while we were busy compiling this list. He may even become your second favorite Evan on the internet, after yours truly of course.

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