Evan Edinger’s Parody Says “Forever No” To Alex Day

We’re just as tired of the Alex Days and Sam Peppers of YouTube as anyone else, but this parody by Decent Human Being Evan Edinger seemed worth a post all the same.

Written as a response to Day’s gross video explaining “his side” of abusing and manipulating people, Evan’s parody pokes fun at the “all about me” victim complex Day has blatantly been projecting in an attempt to gain sympathy. He also takes a firm (and accurate) stance that Day and people like him should not be allowed back into their positions of power in the community — and not a minute too soon, as word on the Twitters is that Day is already sending out emails to former fans trying to get them to buy his book (which his publisher wisely dropped several months ago).

So give this parody a view, share it with your friends, and rest easy knowing that all ad revenue generated from it will be donated to The Survivor’s Trust