Explore Jason Horton’s YouTube Haunted House


We’ve been pulling for this one for a while and we’re super pumped to see it finally take shape. YouTuber Jason Horton has taken advantage of the spooky new sets provided by the YouTube Space LA and Legendary Entertainment build an epic haunted house inside your computer. Along with a pack of YouTube pals Horton has created an interactive Halloween series that lets you choose whose spooky adventures you want to follow. Viewers can follow Jason or check out friends like Nikki Limo, Taryn Southern, Shira Lazar, and Katie Wilson to name just a few.



We love seeing some of our favorites in spooky situations and this Halloween season is proving to be the gift that keeps on giving. Play the video above to get started and you’ll be able to chose which members of Jason’s YouTube crew you want to follow. Our advice? All of them! Duh.


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