Fiction, Anyone? Possible Books From AwesomenessTV’s New Publishing Imprint

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So apparently AwesomenessTV is plunging full-bore into the past. First they announced their plans to open a physical store in Los Angeles and now they have started a publishing imprint … for books.

Focusing on the Young Adult genre, Awesomeness Ink makes its debut this week with two new books: “Side Effects” and “Runaways.”

Of course, while Awesomeness Ink isn’t limited to YouTubers working under its banner, we thought it would be fun to imagine the first books from some of AwesomenessTV’s biggest stars. Here are brief synopses for a few of what we think the AwesomenessTV stars’ debut novels should be:

Hunter March

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Genre: Romance
Title: “Swipe Right: The Troubling Tales Of A Tinder Lothario”
Plot: A handsome, wannabe cool guy named Hugh Jass sets out to win the hearts and hands of all the fair maidens and Tinder skanks out there. Though he fails, he comes away with a better understanding of himself. Eventually, he just marries the nerdy girl from high school who was secretly hot the whole time.

Zay Zay & Jo Jo

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Genre: Self-Help
Title: “Teaching Adults How To Be Cool”
Plot: Two brothers, roughly five and seven, teach adults how to be confident and how to pick up ladies many, many years older than them. (This book then spends the next five years on the Bestseller List).

Ingrid Nilsen

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Genre: Mystery
Title: “The Case of The Missing Mascara”
Plot: Abbi South was, like, so hot. She went to all the movie premieres — until one day her mascara totally went missing from her clutch. Could she find her missing mascara before the next red carpet? Or would she have to do “the natural look” (ahhhhhhhh!)

Lia Marie Johnson:

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Genre: Humor
Title: “5,000,000 Uses For A Fake Beard”
Plot: I bet you can only think of one use for a fake beard, right? Well Lia Marie Johnson can show you 4,999,999 more!


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Genre: How-To
Title: “Messing With Strangers And Getting Away With It”
Plot: Jokes on you — the book’s just a bunch of blank pages. You mad?

Meaghan Dowling

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Genre: Cooking
Title: “How To Cook When Your Parents Won’t Let You Use The Stove”
Plot: Writing to a younger audience, Meaghan uses her culinary skills to teach food preparation to kids who aren’t allowed to use a stove. Mostly it’s just variations on PB&J sandwiches.



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Genre: Science Fiction
Title: “Robot Girl Makes A Choice”
Plot: Basically Jenn’s story, but set 1,000 years in the future, a girl robot struggles to decide which YouTube MCN she must choose. Of course, in the future, YouTube is an evil cyborg with laser guns for arms. And robot girl has to kill it. (Spoiler: she does!)

Bethany Mota

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Genre: Motivational
Title: “How To Own The World”
Plot: Basically, a young pretty girl works hard in life and takes over the world. She then uses her awesomeness powers to teach others how to take over other, smaller worlds. (But she’d also be happy for you if you took over Earth from her — she’s friendly like that!).

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