Funny or Die Will Mine The News for LOLs


The comedy geniuses at Funny or Die want to make you laugh at the news, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That might seem like a tall order in these days of ISIS and Ebola, but it’s a genre that’s been well mined by the likes of The Onion, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and most recently John Oliver. So is there room for one more purveyor of jokey news content at the top of the charts? Normally we’d say no but the gang at Funny or Die already has a proven track record of making us LOL and even occasionally ROFL with their ruthless, hilarious sketches and videos. Now they’ll focus their sharp wits on a new vertical, FOD News.

“We’ve always done topical pieces,” says Editor-In-Chief Dan Abramson. Funny or Die has a knack for aiming its comedy right at the zeitgeist, but Abramson believes that having a dedicated News vertical with its own fresh writing staff will allow Funny or Die to hit the issues of the day with a laser focus that isn’t possible in their current scattershot model.

News comedy has grown into an expansive genre in recent years both on television and on the internet. While publications like the Onion and Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” have mined the news for laughs, Jon Stewart was the first to inadvertently develop the current formula which both informs and entertains. A growing number of young Americans report shows like Stewart’s “The Daily Show” as their primary source of news and information. Abramson specifically cites Stewart when describing his plans for FOD News, saying “This should be something that people can go to, to stay informed but also get some really great comedy out of it.” It’s a model that has worked well for long running TV satire Fox News, and we expect it’ll serve Funny or Die even better.

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