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Have you heard the CreepyPasta scary story about the surgeon in the elevator? So a doctor was riding down the elevator to the fourth floor, and this girl was standing next to him, and then the elevator stopped and the doors opened and THIS IS WHERE IT STARTS TO GET SCARY OMG. Check out this classic Hallowmeme story of a surgeon who finds himself in a haunted elevator and finds out too late that he really should have taken the stairs.

Narrator: Jessica Lizama youtube.com/user/JessicaLizama
Doctor: Ethan Newberry youtube.com/user/TheGingerRunner
Passenger on Elevator: Trisha Hershberger youtube.com/user/Nerdychick5
Patient: Dave Days youtube.com/user/davedays
Nurse: Jenni Powell

Directed by: Joe Nation youtube.com/user/JoeNationTV
Written by: Filup Molina (Adapted from: “The Red Wristband”)
First Assistant Director: Stuart Davis
Cinematographer: Joey Anderton
Producer: Jenni Powell
Executive Producers: Nathan Jordan, Rory Haines
Production Design: Katie Moest
Make Up: Jennifer Jackson

“Narrator” Intro/Outro Editor – Trent Barboza
“Going Down” Editor – Steve Clark
“Going Down” Assistant Editor – Ted Marsden
Sound Design – Steve Clark & Ted Marsden
Colorist – Filup Molina

Key Grip – Filup Molina
Grips – Trent Barboza, Ted Marsden, Steve Clark

Office/Set PA: Amy Leonard
Editorial Assistant: Christine Linnell


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