Grace and Mamrie Premiere #HeyUSA on The Scene

It’s fall now and summer seems like a distant memory. If you’re anything like us you could use a summer vacation booster shot to help you through the cold months. Fortunately, Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart are coming through just in the nick of time. Fans and living humans with internet access will remember that the leading ladies of YouTube spent the summer touring the United States on a fan guided road trip for their series, #HeyUSA. They also spent the summer teasing us with short clips and vlogs from their adventures, but the time has finally come to debut the series proper. Starting today full length episodes of #HeyUSA will be available on The Scene, the streaming video platform run by publishing giant Condé Nast.


Grace and Mamrie jumped all over the country touring Anchorage, Louisville, Austin, New Orleans, Provincetown, Sedona, and Portland before heading home to sunny Los Angeles. All of their trips were guided by fans who provided local travel tips via social media. The whole adventure was coordinated by Astronauts Wanted, the production company that’s making a name for itself with their social media integrated web series like @SummerBreak and recent debut The Feels.

Many were surprised to learn that the YouTube stars would be taking the final version of their debut reality show to Condé Nast and The Scene instead of their traditional home on YouTube. Since YouTube stars have achieved more mainstream notoriety it’s only natural that they would look to expand their careers outside of the YouTube bubble. Still, there’s plenty of #HeyUSA content to go around. The AstronautsWanted channel features plenty of behind the scenes footage of the work that went into making #HeyUSA a reality, and Grace and Mamrie’s travel vlogs are still available on their respective YouTube channels.



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