Grace Helbig Is A #1 Best Seller


Grace Helbig might just have it all. YouTube comedy megastar, live show headliner, future queen of late night and now best-selling author. Her new book Grace’s Guide hit the shelves (and the download charts) less than a week ago — and it’s already captured the top spot on the revered “New York Times Book Review” for Advice and How-To. That means that Grace has sailed past publishing heavyweights like Google CEO Eric Schmidt and the empress of advice media herself, Oprah. Take a minute to absorb that. Our very own Grace Helbig, the girl we first met cracking jokes in front of her webcam five days a week, just outsold Oprah.



YouTubers have been taking the publishing world by storm this year. Grace’s pal Hannah Hart hit some similarly massive publishing milestones with her YouTube inspired self-help cookbook My Drunk Kitchen, as did Alfie Deyes with his interactive Pointless Book. Still waiting in the literary wings are hotly anticipated releases from makeup icon Michelle Phan and style guru Zoella. YouTube creators have had so much success translating their onscreen appeal to the page that teen focused MCN AwesomenessTV has launched its own publishing imprint to cash in on the trend. Awesomeness plans to deliver a whole slate of YouTube inspired young adult literature starting with adaptations of its popular web series Side Effects and Runaways.

We’re pumped to see Grace add another jewel to her entertainment crown and we’re even more excited to see YouTubers conquering new territory. It seems with media revolution will not only be televised, it’ll also be streamed, printed, and downloadable.

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