Gritty Reboots Return To YouTube With ‘Adventure Time’ Trailer

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 2.03.32 PM
Anytime YouTube channels take a hiatus, there’s always that itch to return with a video that is extra awesome. You want to show you haven’t lost a step. For the Gritty Reboots team, who has been silent for the better part of 2014, that return was a no-brainer. Dropping their first film on YouTube since that last thing, this clip is fresh out of the creative oven.

What else could NMR hope for but a live-action trailer for an extra gritty reboot of the delightfully demented animated series “Adventure Time”? All your favorite characters and in-jokes are name-checked here as Finn and Jake embark on a brave journey to save magic in the land of Ooo. Is it badass? Yes, yes it is.

Damn it’s good to have NMR’s superfriends from Gritty Reboots back in business. Hopefully they don’t stay away quite so long next time. But if they do, they’d better return with something equally sweet.

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