Hank Green Will Soon Be Stalking You With Science


Are you prepared to see Hank Green’s face everywhere you go? It’s not because he’s stalking you (probably) or because you’re having some sort of severe mental breakdown (hopefully). It’s because Hank’s Sci-Show will be the latest YouTube channel featured in YouTube’s shiny news beacon ad campaign. That means Hank’s face is going to be everywhere from billboards and buses to subway cars and TV spots. The world is about to become an inescapable Hank Green themed house of mirrors, but we’re cool with it.

Hank is probably one of the most easily recognized faces in the YouTube community. He’s one half of the eminent vlog duo VlogBrothers along with his brother YA author and current TFIOS fameball John Green. Hank is the cofounder of VidCon and has also had a hand in dozens of hugely successful YouTube projects including The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Crash Course, Sci Show, and Sexplanations among many others. However, he’s less well known in mainstream, non-internetting circles. That’s the problem YouTube aims to fix with a round of top flight promotion straight from the Google mothership.

Sci Show launched in 2012 as part of YouTube’s gone-but-not-forgotten Original Channels initiative. Hosted by Green with an assist from longtime YouTuber Michael Aranda and Caitlin Hofmeister, the education program tackles frequently asked science questions with a heavy dose of nerd friendly humor. The show has a science-first approach and doesn’t cater to social issues, making it a potentially important tool in classrooms where science increasingly comes in second to politics. This is the second time this week that an education-focused Original Channels alum received a boost following the news that Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party would be joining Legendary Entertainment’s digital network. We’ve thrown some shade at Original Channels in the past but it seems like YouTube’s old-school investment is still paying off for some creators.


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