Hear YouTuber DudeLikeHELLA Fart, Other Cool Sounds

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When you call your video Coolest Sound Ever and then amongst other things you cut a fart in the middle of filming, we are left to wonder if that is the sound we were listening for. Or was it the also-delightful sound of stones being skipped across a frozen lake? Probably that second thing … but also a bit of the first — look at how happy DudeLikeHELLA is.

Since being transplanted to Alaska, DudeLikeHELLA (real name Cory Williams) has discovered an entirely new world –and has taken to it with a child’s love of exploration. Every video from his channel now is an exploration of the wild wilderness that surrounds him (or a screed about how Chuck E Cheese’s did him wrong). With a pretty girl in tow, DudeLikeHELLA shows us all that getting offline for a while can be an amazing journey into the bigger picture. A veritable voyage of nature’s multisensory splendor. Also it can be an amazing place to mist your undies with a blast from the butt trumpet. Hey — the Great Outdoors is what you make it; act accordingly.

Skip to 3:40 for the COOLEST SOUND EVER!

Damn, NMR needs to relocate to Alaska

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