Here’s Matty B Looking A Little Too Fresh

We’re big fans of Matty B, but we’re less than psyched about the editing job on this promotional poster for his upcoming performance with Ali Brustofski. The tween MC is barely entering puberty and he’s already getting airbrushed into oblivion. Meanwhile Ali is only 21; there’s no way she could need that much work in post-production. At first we lol’d but then we were bummed. Cosmetics commercials and style magazines are constantly touting remedies to give you younger and healthier skin, but if your skin is looking younger than Matty’s you might be approaching embryo territory.




We’re not trying to throw shade at Matty or his team but come on. If Matty isn’t looking young enough who is? Are we looking at a future of Clinique commercials touting fetus soft skin, or offering to help us regain the youthful glow of an unfertilized egg? Hopefully not, but let us know what you think.


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