Ian Padgham: Vine’s Original Superstar


It’s safe to say that Ian Padgham has a knack for viral videos. Before he launched his Vine career he worked as a video producer for Vine’s parent company, social media giant Twitter. Among his creations was a recruitment video for the company that went impressively viral, racking up over 1 million views on YouTube.

When Twitter acquired and launched Vine in 2013, Ian was one of the first people to join and one of the platform’s first professional content producers. His first Vine was shot from Twitter HQ.

  His subsequent creations were embedded into tweets, blog posts, and official announcements from Twitter and Vine. His work as Vine’s in house production specialist made him one of the first and most experienced creators on the platform and gave him a chance to study Vine’s inner workings and best practices up close. At present he has over 360,000 followers on his personal Vine account, Origiful, and has launched his own firm to create Vines for marketers and brands. We checked out some of his original work and here are just a few of our favorites.  
Ian is known for his meticulously planned Vines but this one is impressive even by his standards. Watch as his wife’s pregnancy unfolds in just six seconds.  
We all wish camping could be this easy.
It’s hard to find a professional shave these days unless you do it yourself. Fortuantely Ian found this helpful little guy with some mad razor skills.  
Perspective can play tricks on you but in this case we’re enjoying it.
This one is #Art but don’t panic, it’s the fun kind. 
The same goes for this one because I literally couldn’t chose between them.
And one more for all the Adventure Time fans out there.  
Ian is well worth a look both for his OG Vine resume and his out of the world Vine skills. Be sure to check him out and throw the guy a few loops. He doesn’t need them, but he certainly deserves them.

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