Is ‘Manhattan Lap’ The Most Dangerous Trend On YouTube?

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There’s something wildly exciting about turning your city into a Gran Turismo course — hell, every video game ever has pretty much taught us this (except for wholesome DigDug). But it’s also quietly become one of the most dangerous YouTube trends.

A YouTuber called Afroduck has brought a measure of recognition to the stunt of blazing a loop through Manhattan and attempting to do it in the shortest time possible. According to blog, who has been keeping pace with this story, the Manhattan Lap should take roughly 41 minutes and 5 seconds. Afroduck, who currently holds the record which he set last August, has apparently done it in 24 minutes — averaging over 66 mph through the populated streets of the Big Apple.

It’s no surprise that the NYPD wants to put Afroduck in jail. But now he has released a video in his defense purporting to show an undercover police officer doing the Manhattan Lap as well. Apparently his strategy is “you can’t arrest me if the police do it too!” Hmm, it’s just crazy enough to work. Of course, the officer didn’t get anywhere near Afroduck’s time with a posted claim of over 47 minutes.

The earliest record account of the 26.5 mile route run was Alex Roy with a stated YouTube video time of 27 minutes — a time that Afroduck famously shattered.

The real concern now isn’t what happens to Afroduck — it’s what happens to those who imitate him. This is an incredibly dangerous trend and all it takes is one daring (read: stupid) teen to attempt this same stunt and end up wiping out a whole grip of innocents. In a perfect world, Afroduck’s time would stand as the accepted champion, but fools always gotta copy what they see on the internet.

Below is the original “fastest lap” video — a video of a man named Claude LeLouch circumnavigating Paris in a Ferrari. He too was arrested.

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