Is ‘Your Grammar Sucks’ Totally Fake?


We love Jack Douglass, just like any sane human being would, but sometimes when we settle down to watch one of Jack’s hilarious “Your Grammar Sucks” videos we can’t help but wonder: “Are these comments legit?” Anyone who’s spent time in the YouTube comments section knows that there is no limit to the stupidity that you can mine there, but still, Jack always seems to find the perfect example to skewer before our very eyes. That’s why we’re loving this video so much. Gabe Hohreiter, your friendly neighborhood Gabuscus, gets a look behind the YGS curtain and everything gets a little crazy.

As a man sitting behind his own laptop all day I know a thing or two about the feeling that reality is coming totally unglued. Fortunately, it looks like Gabe survived being vidceptioned. Unless none of this is real? Am I watching this or am I writing about myself watching this? I’m through the looking glass now! There’s no hope for me!

Anyway, you should check out this video AND share this article while my sanity slowly unravels.