James Franco’s “Batjuice” Is A Thing That Exists?

Apparently James Franco has this web series he’s doing for AOL called “Making a Scene.” It’s hard to keep up with whatever the hell James Franco is up to at any given moment, but I guess this show is a thing where he spins a wheel and it tells him what two scenes from two different movies he and his team are going to mash up to create an episode of their show.

It sounds an awful lot like how James Franco probably decided on his bizarre persona, but getting back on topic, the latest mash-up episode was “Batjuice.”

Batman. Beetlejuice. You get the picture.

The highlights:

  • James Franco is Batman. He talks a lot. It’s about him. A lot. Is any of this a plot twist. No.
  • There’s a character who’s just “Winona Ryder,” accompanied by shoplifting jokes. Because that’s topical and not at all played out.
  • Robin is touted as a very stereotypically flamboyant lisping doughboy sidekick who wants to change his name to “Robyn” so he can be like the singer. Such a missed opportunity for a “Show Me Love” throwback joke.
  • The Joker is there? Because, yes, obviously when Batman plans a dinner party he’s like, “Hell yeah, gonna invite my nemesis! This’ll go well!”
  • Social media references! Twitter! Instagram! Okay, NOW we’re topical. I guess. How topical is too topical? How judgmental is too judgmental?
  • Oh, right. Beetlejuice is here, too. Easy to forget because James-Franco-as-Batman seems to be trying to fill both roles.
  • Orphan jokes. Aw, orphans. Now we can all just be sad we’re not watching Orphan Black instead of…this.
  • And Beetlejuice doesn’t even get to do the part of the scene that should be his, as James-Franco-as-Batman lip syncs to The Banana Boat song like an escaped asylum patient.

I think it’s safe to assume this is how James Franco imagines all his dinner parties playing out in his brain. Does he know they don’t? Hard to say. Hard to say.

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