Jenna Marbles Shows Off Her Cool New Valley Digs

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.55.10 PM

You want to know how I’ve realized I’ve matured? I just watched Jenna Marbles’ new house tour video, and instead of thinking, “Hmm, hopefully she left some underwear lying out,” I was like, “Wow, that’s a really great buffet table — I wonder if she got it at Pier One?” How crazy is that? It’s like Frank the Tank from “Old School” when he realizes his life revolves around going to Bed Bath & Beyond.

Incidentally, I’m not the only one who has matured — Jenna is totally turning into a grownup and had to buy appliances for her new place. And her new place is much larger and cheaper than her old Santa Monica digs. Sure she had to move into the Valley (that’s the San Fernando Valley, for all you non-LA types), but sometimes you’ve got to seemingly go down to go up. Whatever that means … frankly, it just sounded like the kind of shit a sensible adult would say. Guess I’m not quite there yet.

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