Joe Nation Does Taylor Swift Like You’ve Never Seen


We thought we’d seen just about every possible version of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” but Joe Nation has managed to throw us another curve. This parody cover hits a little close to home for professional YouTube watchers like us, but it’s just as catchy as the original. Covers are the bread and butter of the great sandwich we call YouTube, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be mercilessly teased. Joe’s an OG YouTuber and he knows that game better than most, so take a moment to let him lay down some truth for you all to the bouncy beat of T-Swift’s modern classic.

We’ve been missing Joe these last few months while he’s been busy working on a feature length version of his web series “YouTube Assassin.” Of course we understand (we’re very chill that way), but we’re still happy to see him back to dropping videos. So enjoy this hilarious jam while you’re waiting for Joe to reprise his role as Bob Thunder, YouTube assassin for hire. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, but we strongly advise you to click play, play, play, play, play.

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