John Green Tests Life Hacks To Save You Money

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John Green has clearly hit the point that money is comedic — he doubtlessly has it filling up rooms now like some Columbian drug lord and could spend the rest of his days mowing lawns a la Forrest Gump, if he so chooses. And so, like Forrest Gump, he’s turned his attention to helping you.

One of the most delightful series to come along is John Green’s testing of the internet’s so-called “life hacks.” Designed to save you money, these sometimes dubious techniques are flaunted on the internet as “invaluable.” But who could afford to try them all and award them a “pass/fail” rating based on a quick attempt? John Green can!

And since John Green is good enough to take the time to help you, we thought we’d help you too (on a much smaller scale). So we’ve cut through the other Mental Floss bric a brac like “Why does deodorant work?” to bring you all the John Green life hack reviews in one convenient place!

Enjoy saving money courtesy of John Green, the internet and to a much lesser extent, NMR.

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