Karissa Pukas Will Be Your New Fave Beauty Guru

Looking for a new beauty and style channel to check out? Look no further!

Canadian(-living-in-Australia) beauty guru Karissa Pukas has amassed almost 600,000 subscribers in the four years she’s been on YouTube. Besides posting an impressive 350 videos on her main channel, she’s also managed to find the time to create her own line of high quality fake eyelashes.

Karissa’s channel, though certainly always on brand as a beauty channel, is diverse within its realm. She creates videos about everything from day-to-day hair and makeup tutorials to seasonal lookbooks to beauty product reviews and beyond. She participates in YouTube’s favorite tags and offers up “TMI Tuesdays” in which she answers her viewers questions about style, makeup, and her life.

As knowledgeable as she is on her topics, Karissa’s bubbly personality and easy-going approach make her videos fun to watch, and really what else can you ask for in a YouTuber?

Still not convinced? Here are more compelling reasons to give her videos a view!

She doles out practical advice you may not even know you need until you need it.

She’s happy to share personal stories that might help her young fans make choices for their own appearances.

She has a secondary vlogging channel, and a stupidly adorable dog.

She posts her bloopers so you can see that YouTubers are people too! (presumably)

She can teach you how to be Katy Perry! Who doesn’t want that?? …for Halloween, anyway.

Subscribed yet? You should be. Go ahead, we’ll wait. And when you come back, don’t forget to share this article with all your friends! All of them! Every last one! Thanks, pal.

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