Khyan Is A Winner

Khyan Mansley has been posting videos to YouTube since 2009, accumulating over 100,000 subscribers during that time. He started with vlogs but soon progressed to including short films and humorous skits. He’s even got a second channel where he posts outtakes and additional content.

Khyan’s non-vloggy videos tend to exude an odd melancholy sort of humor, where it feels like you’re listening to a public radio host who clearly knows his life has passed him by but he’s saying funny things. Whatever it is, it works.

Here are some good ones to start you out:

An amusing tale of two friends who let their baguette fighting get a little out of control.

“Misery Christmas.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. And that’s what makes it wonderful.

A bizarre and clever little advertisement for YouTube’s NextUp development program.

A dating application video in which he lists off the very specific qualities he looks for in women.

Solid advice for how not to compose an email to your crush.

Don’t be sad it’s over. Be glad it happened. And share!