Kids Will Be King In YouTube’s Latest Content Push

It seems that YouTube isn’t quite done with its big shakeup of the content division. As the video giant moves toward developing more original programming, a recently uncovered job posting hints at the direction some of that content might take. The posting seeks qualified applicants for the position of “Head of Family Entertainment and Learning.” The position will fall under the newly minted umbrella of YouTube Originals, the spiritual successor to the late, great, Original Channels initiative.


Unlike the last time YouTube opened up its checkbook to fund big projects, YouTube Originals are expected to focus on the platform’s native content creators rather than big name outsiders Shaquille O’Neil and Ashton Kutcher. More importantly, the opening of a new position points us toward the type of content creators that may benefit from this latest round of funding. Despite capturing millions of teen and tween eyes, YouTube’s freewheeling content ecosystem isn’t as friendly to small children and families.

While a handful of content creators who specialize in programming for children and families routinely land in the YouTube top 200 and even the elite top 50 by views, the genre is relatively underrepresented on the platform compared to other YouTube top performing categories like gaming, style and beauty, and comedy. Meanwhile family-friendly programming has boomed on destinations like Netflix and Hulu. While rumors of a kid-focused version of YouTube for children too young to have their own YouTube account have not yet come to fruition, it does seem that YouTube is looking to bulk up its content offerings. YouTube has been mum on how much money is on the table for this latest initiative or which creators would stand to benefit, but if you’re a content creator specializing in kids and families, we predict that your phone may soon be ringing. Except no one uses phones anymore, so check your email inbox.

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