Learn Magic And Make Everyone Like You!

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I live in what I am told is basically an alternate universe made up entirely in my brain in which magic is really impressive and learning it will make everybody want to be your friend and/or date you (which simultaneously sounds awesome and like a complete nightmare). Though there is significant media evidence to the contrary (and obviously everything you see in the movies is 100% accurate and true to life), I continue to live in this world, and thus allowed myself to get sucked into a YouTube vortex of magic trick how tos.

Now, though we at NMR did briefly look into some demon summoning videos because, let’s be real, how can you NOT, let’s be perfectly clear that these magic tutorials consist of close up magic and party tricks. Not so much with the witchcraft and mind control and other way cooler stuff. Too many legal ramifications of leading you all down that rabbit hole should anything work, plus testing real spells out would severely cut into the time we spend watching hysterically bad music videos. Nobody wants that.

So watch these tricks. Study them. Commit them to heart. And go forth into the world and impress all the girls (or boys) with your hilarious charm and skills, defying the silly people who say magic is “lame” and “too nerdy.” Pfft. PFFT, I SAY.

Honestly if I could just embed every video from this channel, I probably would. This guy is great, and gets that magic is totally more about making people like you than earning your membership in The Alliance of Magicians. But this trick is simple misdirection and requires no props, just your hands. Ready, go.

Everyone’s familiar with the old coin rolling across the knuckles flourish. And yes, it’s more a flourish than an actual trick, but it’s still really cool and shows how awesome and nimble your hands are.

Sometimes you don’t want to put in the hours it would take to get really good at sleight of hand. That’s totally understandable. These tricks are a little on the silly side, but if you play them right, they’ll still get a laugh. And they’re all done with stuff you probably have around the house, which meshes well with laziness.

Got two dollar bills? No? Well, maybe someone else does and you can borrow them. And make one appear to pass through the other! Like magic! Because that’s what it is. Magic.

Ah, straw tricks. Nothing too difficult here, but perfect for if you’re hanging out at Starbucks trying to make friends. People do that, right? That’s not weird? Nah, not weird.

If you spent a lot of time doing those cat’s cradle things as a kid (like I did, naturally), you should be able to catch on to this one fairly quickly. I can’t say for certain because I could only find one rubber band in this entire office. Clearly this is a hostile work environment that hates magic and joy. Send help.

And okay, so this one isn’t really a how to video, but this channel is starting out with some cool magic-themed sketches, and I TOTALLY WANT TO KNOW HOW TO DO THIS STUFF. And they’re girls, and they’re friends, and I’ve been told they have other friends, so really this proves that magic makes you cool, I’m almost certain of it.


Do you believe in magic? Which celebrities have you heard are impressed by people who can do close up magic? Do you have any friends? If so, share this with them! If not, do not share this with people you wish were your friends until AFTER you’ve already learned everything and impressed them with your skills.

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