Lemony Snicket Lets You Choose The Mystery

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events was one of my favorite book series growing up. I’m still bummed they never made the rest of the movies. The author behind the pen name (whose name I will keep behind that link in case you prefer the mystery) has gone on to write a number of non-Lemony books, but has also retained his alias, coming out with a prequel of sorts to ASoUE  called All the Wrong Questions.

And alongside the release of the third book in that series, he’s come out with a web series: You Choose the Mystery.

Using nothing but stock black and white footage and voice over from Snicket himself, You Choose the Mystery is exactly what it sounds like, a Choose Your Own Adventure-style series where, at the end of each video, the viewer has to decide what action to take next, and click on the corresponding video annotation.

It certainly isn’t the first time a YouTube video or series has involved similar interaction, but that CYOA format hasn’t particularly caught on for YouTube. And it may not. It may be something that hit its stride with those books we all read as kids. But it’s certainly an interesting concept for a web series, and paired with Snicket’s cheeky sense of humor, these videos are worth a click through.

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