Let Us Introduce You To MyNamesChai


Have you been watching MyNamesChai? Yes? Good for you! No? Well, here’s your chance! This cool vlogger has got over 200,000 subscribers on his main channel and nearly 38,000 on his gaming channel, which primarily features Minecraft vids. His usual vlogs consist of anything from impressions to advice to just general musings, like vloggers do. He tends to do a lot of collaborations, so hop around and you may see some familiar faces!

Until then, here are some videos to get you started:

This rehash of the entirety of “Frozen” in two minutes.

This challenge video in which he and Alfie Deyes do their best impressions of other YouTubers. (And if you like this one, there are several other YouTuber impression videos on his channel.)

This educational opportunity in which Chai teaches British slang to an American friend.

This video in which he and fellow YouTuber Sarah Close sing various songs in various accents.

This tour of 50 things in his bedroom that will help you feel way closer to him and/or like a creeptastic stalker.

Don’t forget to check around the rest of his channel and share with your friends!