Liam Dryden: The Time Lord We’ve Waited For

Liam Dryden is one cool dude.

He’s been posting videos on YouTube since 2007 — that’s a long time! The videos on Liam’s channel range from vlogs to music to sketches and have amassed 8.5 million views thus far, also allowing him to delve into both music and acting. A lot of his content is Doctor Who-inspired, which speaks to the Time Lord-loving nerd in many of us.

Liam is also one of the founders of Summer in the City, a rapidly-growing annual YouTube community gathering held in London each summer.

Here’s some other things we love about Liam!

This fantastic mockery of Google+ and its YouTube integration.

This cover of the Community theme song.

This School of YouTube participation showcasing some quirky musical instruments he’s learned how to play.

This…David Tennant?

This explanation as to why it’s super weird to ship real people.

This schooling of annoying YouTube commenters.

This practical advice for surviving university.

This really ambitious web series he starred in called The Chronicles of Syntax.

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