Lindsey Stirling Goes Wild In The Old West


Lindsey Stirling, YouTube’s own dubstep violinist, is having the biggest year of her already epic career. Her album, Shatter Me, climbed to number two on the Billboard charts, thanks in no small part to her YouTube following. On top of that huge achievement she launched a world tour to support Shatter Me, and returned to the stage of America’s Got Talent, the reality show that cut her back in 2010, this time as a featured performer. Lindsey is living proof of what YouTube can do if you have the talent and drive to make it your own.

Today Lindsey added a little more icing to the 2014 cake by releasing that video for her second single from Shatter Me. This time Lindsey is going old-school, or should I say old west, for Roundtable Rival. Outfitted like a steampunk saloon girl, Lindsey and her backup dancers fend off a gang of bank robbers all armed with weaponized instruments. The video is fun and weird and we’re pretty sure that MTV needs to revive Total Request Live ASAP so we can vote for it. Check it out and let us know what you think.


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