Magic of Rahat Terrifies Intellectuals With Alien Chestburster Prank

NMR’s buddy Magic of Rahat knows a little something about f**king with people’s heads. Okay, really he knows a lot about f**king with heads. And now chests too apparently.

Teaming up with MorphCostumes, Rahat has been featuring dynamic Halloween (or average Wednesday, I suppose) type costumes that will scare the hell out of anyone. This alien chestburster costume deserves special mention though — and Rahat has the skills to pull it off most effectively.

Taking his skills to a local university, he gives the college kids a fright when an alien explodes bloodily from his chest and makes all their childhood nightmares seem quaint by comparison.

Look, we know you’re already deadset on going as an Ebola victim for Halloween this year — the least you can do is up your game and be an Ebola victim infested with a giant alien worm.

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